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Robust Identity Protection

When it comes to protecting your online activity, there are few companies as well-known as Norton. With Identity Protection Elite, the company has taken their outstanding fraud protection and identity theft deterrence tools and packaged them into a convenient and efficient service. Thanks to strong fraud support combined with dedicated restoration agents and easy-to-use security tools, Norton Identity Protection Elite is an outstanding credit and identity monitoring service.

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Norton Identity Protection Elite Highlights

  • Monitor 84 different personal identifiers
  • $1 million in identity insurance
  • 24/7/365 support for any problems


  • State-of-the-art fraud support
  • Agents will handle legal procedures for you
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Monitor your social media and privacy


  • Only monthly credit monitoring
  • No knowledgebase for help

Identity Theft Deterrence

While Norton offers excellent fraud prevention methods, one area where it could improve is by providing more up-to-date monitoring for your credit health. The service offers a monthly check of your credit scores that lets you view a snapshot of your credit. However, Norton more than makes up for these shortcomings with an excellent suite of identity theft protection and recovery services.

Fraud Support

When it comes to fraud support, Norton Identity Protection Elite has a full array of tools designed to protect your identity. The company’s offerings include cyber monitoring of black market sites that can sell or steal your data, social media privacy monitoring, and lost wallet protection. Additionally, Norton will check your credit reports and alert you of any suspicious changes. On the whole, Norton Identity Protection Elite is a well-designed, comprehensive, and easy-to-use application designed to protect you from fraud. If you happen to be the victim of fraud, Norton offers a $1 million restoration insurance policy, as well as the service of restoration agents that are available 24/7/365 to help you through the whole process of repairing your identity and assets. 


Comparatively speaking, Norton Identity Protection Elite’s fees are standard for the industry. The service starts at $149.99 for a full year (or $12.50 per month), which in our research was higher than other competitors in the industry. However, with the breadth of services and tools offered by Norton Identity Protection Elite, the price is more than justified.

Credit Information Education

One of the areas where Norton could improve their offerings the most is in credit information and education. While the company’s website offers an excellent overview of their software and technology, they offer significantly less information specifically about credit monitoring and reporting. If you are looking for extensive resources related to credit monitoring, Norton Identity Protection Elite might not be for you. Regardless, with an excellent FAQ and an incredibly active community forum, Norton can compensate with up-to-date and relevant questions that can help you better understand the benefits of their services.

Membership Amenities

When you subscribe to Norton Identity Protection Elite, you sign up for one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded feature sets on the market. Norton offers you a wealth of resources to protect yourself, including credit card application monitoring, sex offenders reporting, payday loans monitoring, address change verification, and a $1 million restoration services guarantee. Overall, the company offers an enticing suite of amenities designed to keep your identity as secure as possible. 


While it may have some weak spots, Norton Identity Protection Elite offers one of the most robust and well-rounded identity protection offerings on the market today. With innovative and useful tools that can help you avoid fraud and keep your personal information secure, Norton has created a service that gives you incredible value at industry-standard prices. In our experience, this is an excellent service if you are looking for a one-stop shop approach to avoiding fraud and protecting your identity.

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