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ImportantScore Overview

ImportantScore is a service that provides customers with the Equifax Complete Advantage at an affordable price. ImportantScore is committed to providing the best possible customer service and have an expert staff standing by, ready to make sure customers’ needs are fully covered. ImportantScore’s commitment to excellence is why over 1 million people have used the service to get their credit reports. ImportantScore offers the Equifax Complete Advantage services to customers as a great way to make sure their personal information remains safe. What’s even better is how easy the application process is. Check out ImportantScore today to see for yourself.

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ImportantScore is 100% dedicated to providing customers with the best possible credit report value-added services. As a result, ImportantScore is one of the fastest growing consumer sites on the internet, having helped over 1,000,000 people access their credit information since being founded in 2007.

Features & Highlights

  • Equifax credit score available at any time and at the click of a button

  • Access to all 3 credit bureau reports

  • Alerts indicating credit score changes

Pros Vs. Cons

  • Lost wallet protection
  • Identity theft insurance
  • One discount product available every 180 days
  • 7 day free trial
  • Only provides Equifax credit score
  • Delivers a full 3 bureau credit report once annually


Expert’s Score Breakdown 

Overall rating: # 3.1

  1. Strength of Identity Theft Deterrence: # 4

  2. Fraud Support: # 1

  3. Fees: # 4

  4. Credit Information Education: # 3

  5. Membership Amenities: # 5

Strength of Identity Theft Deterrence

Equifax Complete Advantage has a credit monitoring feature to allow customers to manage their Equifax credit score. Any time a score changes, clients will receive a notification as a first line of defense. If a score has changed due to an erroneous or fraudulent transaction, customers can immediately begin the fraud support process.

Fraud Support

Unlike major credit reporting agencies, ImportantScore is unable to assist in freezing or repairing a damaged credit score, instead assisting with helpful resources so that customers can reach the main agencies directly.  Although ImportantScore does not offer fraud support related to credit scoring, in the event of identity theft, Equifax specialists are available by phone 7 days a week for consultations and assistance.  Furthermore, the Complete Advantage package offers up to $25,000 in identity theft insurance to help reduce costs related to recovering a stolen identity.  


Customer’s receive free access to their credit score and credit reports as well as Equifax credit score access for the first week. After an initial trial, customers get Equifax Complete Advantage for $17.95 per month.  The fee covers a once annual viewing of all three credit reports from the major agencies combined with account alerts along with the identity theft assistance services.

Credit Information Education

ImportantScore provides an elementary FAQ section that addresses many of the commonly asked questions about the credit reporting industry and basics like why reviewing and monitoring one’s credit is important. Aside from these essentials, the FAQ includes a list of contact details for the three major reporting bureaus in the event that a credit report contains errors.

Membership Amenities

ImportantScore has an included feature that many competitors only offer to subscribers as a premium feature, which is bank account monitoring. Customers can set up financial alerts to track changes or suspicious activity on two bank accounts and/or credit cards.


ImportantScore is the perfect company for customers who want to make sure that their credit scores and bank accounts are being monitored as an early warning system to defend against identity fraud.

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1700 E. Walnut Avenue 2nd Floor, 

El Segundo, CA 90245



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